Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my film to TIFN?

The Texas Independent Film Network is a curated monthly event and we are not currently accepting film submissions. Film programming decisions are made by our programming committee, consisting of the Austin Film Society, Lone Star Film Society, Southwest Alternate Media Project, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Video Association of Dallas, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and TIFN.

How are films chosen for TIFN?

Each quarter TIFN’s programming committee meets to review recent Texas films that made an impression, and that might benefit from a statewide tour. A list of a likely candidates is assembled and TIFN will communicate with each filmmaker to determine if this is a good fit for both parties. TIFN is not a film festival, and we are not currently soliciting film submissions.



Scores of Texas films complete their festival runs and try to get into theaters. Sadly, the opportunities for theatrical distribution are few and far between, leaving many filmmakers with no choice other than to create their own DIY theatrical tour. Each filmmaker must reinvent the wheel when it comes to negotiating with theaters and driving audience interest in each market.

Meanwhile, Texas is filled with amazing film societies and independent theaters that are actively bringing these regionally significant films to eager audiences, but there is currently no entity that brings all of these organizations together to leverage their combined impact.

TIFN fills this gap by creating a statewide film circuit, selecting only the very best Texas programming to come out of the film festivals, as well as classic Texas indies. To reach audiences in a given market, TIFN is forming strategic partnerships with film societies and universities such as the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Austin Film Society and Texas A&M University, whose constituency is already attending film events regularly.

Independent theater operators benefit by filling their venues, as well as promoting their theaters and universities on a statewide level. Filmmakers benefit by connecting directly with audiences in a theatrical setting and can take advantage of the statewide marketing buzz the tour will create.