The Whole Shootin Match

Directed by Eagle Pennel
With Lou Perryman, Sonny Davis, Doris Hargrave, Eric Henshaw
Eagle Pennell’s first feature details the tragi-comic struggles of two small-time schemers, Loyd (Lou Perryman) and Frank (Sonny Carl Davis), desperate to land their big break.


Tobe Hooper’s first film, Eggshells, is a slice of life and rare record of Austin circa 1968.

Texas Legends…….. Before they were Legends

Even the masters had to start somewhere, and this collection of short films represents each legendary Texas filmmaker’s first foray into film making.

  • Bedhead (1991) by Robert Rodriguez
  • Bottle Rocket (1992) by Wes Anderson
  • Frog Baseball (1992) by Mike Judge
  • The Heisters (1969) by Tobe Hooper
  • A Hell of a Note (1974) by Eagle Pennell
  • Speed of Light (1981) by Brian Hansen